Columbus Direct

If you are a person who is always on the move or love travelling often, it is imperative that you purchase a travel insurance policy to make your trip safe and secure. There are a number of travel insurance companies that offer you various packages according to your needs. With the advent of the internet, you can even purchase an online travel insurance policy these days. One of the best online travel insurance companies in theUKthat you can approach is Columbus Direct. This reputed concern was started in 1988 and since they directly sell their policies to their customers, a lump sum can be saved which usually goes as commission charges. They provide you with prompt and excellent customer service free of any kind of hassles that makes dealing with them a real pleasure. They operate a claims charter and are accredited by the Financial Services Authority that makes them extremely reliable in this field.


This company offers excellent insurance packages for one off trips and holidays. You just need to secure some quotes from the company and decide what kind of policy will suit you best according to your requirements and come within your budget. You can also avail of annual insurance schemes, adventure insurance, over 64 travel insurance, pre-existing medical conditions insurance, backpacker insurance, single trip insurance, ski and business insurance to mention a few of the most popular policies that are offered by Columbus Direct. Since these policies can be purchased through the internet, it is a great blessing for people who do not like to waste time visiting an insurance agent or searching for the right company.


Great news is that you get a discount of ten percent when you purchase the travel insurance e policy online from Columbus Direct. This insurance company offers a lot of benefits when you purchase a policy from them. It includes medical expenses, round the clock medical assistance services, cancellation and curtailment, cash limit, baggage cover, valuables limit, scheduled airline failure insurance, personal accident insurance, personal delay, legal expenditure, abandonment and the list goes on. You just need to choose a policy that covers all your personal needs and comes within your means.