Chester Zoo

There may be very few people who have never visited a zoo in their life. Visiting a zoo and seeing the animals out there can be an extremely exciting experience especially if you have children who have not yet gone to a zoo to date. If you are planning to go to a zoo one of these days, a must visit is Chester Zoo. This is without question the top zoo inUKthat has more than 7000 animals of around 400 diverse species. You can see some of the most extinct and rare species of animals in this zoo that you may never see elsewhere again. You can be sure that your children will enjoy this trip and it will be one of the most memorable trips in their life.


The zoo that is sprawled around hundred and ten acres of land opens at 10 am while closing times change seasonally. This wonderful zoo takes excellent care of their animals and takes all necessary steps to avert extinction of any of their endangered species. The animals are well fed and well cared for and also get prompt veterinary care whenever required. You can see all kinds of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, a variety of fish, birds, invertebrates and the list goes on. The zoo is set in a background of beautiful gardens and is well known for their lovely environment. These gardens actually are built on the idea of reflecting the natural breeding place of the different species if endangered and rare animals that make it all the more real. The zoo also comprises of ample play areas for children to enjoy themselves apart from seeing the different animals and birds. Parents can relax while your children have a whale of a time playing in these play areas. They also have a golf course and boating lake at the zoo to pass time.


You can purchase tickets through their online site and they will be mailed to your home. The costs of tickets vary according to each season. It costs around fifty pounds for a standard family ticket in mid season while a standard adult ticket is priced at16 pounds in the mid season. The cost of standard child ticket comes to 11 pounds in the mid season. They provide concessions for disabled people, students and senior citizens. You can also avail of special discounts for group bookings of more than 15 people.


You can sign up for their newsletter that will provide you with their most recent news and the upcoming events at the zoo. Your personal data will be safe with them and will not be misused in any way. You can also become a member here and avail of special discounts and offers if you would like.