Charlotte and co deals

Charlotte and co deals is unique not just in the products they offer but in their principles, ethics and care for environment and fellow beings. The respect for resources including labour makes the company take bold and practical steps in the making and distribution of their products.


It is the principle of the company to sell only by mail order. The company believes this is the most expedient way to shop. Moreover, the firm does not intend to use heat and light unnecessarily by driving vehicles carrying their goodies to shops. The small and focused team of Charlotte and co is responsible and determined in their work.


Charlotte and co deals with producers who provides quality products and not with low cost dealers. Most of the working base of the manufacturers is placed inSpain,ItalyandChina. Working conditions with Charlotte and co is just great; labourers are ready to put in their best for the benefit of the company. The company delivers its products by sea. Delivery to your home is made through local postman.


Light mailing bags used by Charlotte and co are made of recycled things. Satin gift bags hold your orders inside the mail bag. Most of the work of the company is done by employees at home. The company is not only concerned about the profit they make, but they are eager to offer their share in conserving energy and going green.


Charlotte and co products are delicate and of utmost quality. Ladies wear includes Cardigans & Tops, Gilets, Coats, Jackets, Dresses, Kaftans, Swimwear, Tracksuits, Trousers and Leggings, while night wear includes unique collection of Sleepwear, Dressing Gowns, Negligees, Nighties and Pyjamas. Men’s wear, Bedding and home items, gift articles with vouchers are also available here. Accessories section includes the best boots and shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, shawls, Ponchos, Pashminas, slippers, socks, and various other attractive accessories. Camisoles, vests, slips, knickers, lingerie and thermals enrich the underwear department of Charlotte and co. Special offers at the shop is an attraction and looked forward to time for its loyal customers.


Charlotte and co provides caring instructions with every type of their products, especially clothing, as each type has to be taken care of in different ways. Gift wrapping is done in pretty satin bags for free. Return policy and customer care of the shop is pleasing to customers.