CG Golf

Golf is beyond doubt one of the world’s favourite sports that is played all over the globe. You can find golf lovers who play this lovely game either as a profession or just for leisure. Playing golf requires a lot of accessories and it is importa7nt that you purchase the best quality golf equipments if you would like to pursue this sport. One of the best online stores that deal in a stunning range of golf equipments and its accessories is CG Discount Golf. They are without question theUK’s leading golf supplier as far as price, quality and service is concerned. This store that was begun in 1990 in Carlisle has be come one of the most well known golf stores across theUK.


Their wonderful range of golf accessories include Golf clothing, golf shoes, golf gloves, golf balls, golf clubs, golf bags, golf trolleys and the list goes on. Name any kind of golf related equipment you are searching for and you will not be disappointed at this marvellous store. Their online site is excellently organized in order for their customers to have a hassle free and extremely safe shopping experience. They utilize HSBC Secure Payments which makes online shopping with this store very safe.  Payments can be made through Pay Pal, all debit and credit cards and also through Scottish Golf Union Vouchers. Delivery is completely free for all orders that cross 30 pounds.  


This store also has a section that deals in second hand goods that can be bought at extremely reasonable rates. They also have a special Ladies Section that stocks ladies woods, ladies utility clubs, ladies putters, clothing, ladies golf bags, ladies water proofs and any other golf accessory that a lady need. This store stocks a fabulous range of GPS and Range finders too.


If you happen to be an avid Golf Player make sure that you visit this online store that stocks a lovely array of golf equipments for you.