Cadbury World

There will be practically no one in this world that has not heard of Cadbury chocolates and at least tasted a couple of their fantastic creations. As you probably know they are one of the leading and largest confectionery manufacturers in the world today. Cadbury World is a visitor’s attraction that has been developed, created and run by the Cadbury Company. Situated inBirminghamin theUKthe Cadbury World is a self guided tour. This place was opened to the public in 1990 and has today become one of the greatest attractions that host hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.


In spite of the fact that this tourist attraction offered by Cadbury is not exactly a tour of their chocolate manufacturing factory, Cadbury World gives its audiences a chance to discover and learn the story of how their chocolates came into being. As the visitors pass through the 14 zones they are informed about the story of chocolates and how the Cadbury business was started. This they do with aplomb through video presentations, interactive displays, various other techniques as well as demonstrations by the staff.  The visitors also get an opportunity to see how the chocolates are packed and placed into the boxes, ready to be distributed. Usually people who visit Cadbury World take about three hours to complete their visit. It would be best to ensure that you have a booking to ensure that you will be admitted. Many people who visit Cadbury world make a day of it there.


Plenty of schools arrange trips for their students. Though this is not a theme park, Cadbury World has one ride that takes the visitors on a trip that goes through a chocolate wonderland. The place has self-service café and a play area where children have plenty of fun that offers lunches and snacks as well as hot and cold beverages. There is a special Packed Lunch Deal especially meant for school students. Visitors with babies have the conveniences of pushchairs throughout the tour and there are a couple of baby’s changing rooms too.


For kids there are many exciting activities like quizzes, colouring competitions, word searches during the trip and after. Cadbury World arranges various events during special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and the like, where children have lots and lots of fun with the staff too joining in to make it more enjoyable for them. During the Christmas the children even receive gifts when they meet Santa Claus.


People who book their tickets online get a 5% discount. A visit to Cadbury can be planned according to the events that will be taking place. People can go to the News and Event’s page on the Cadbury World website to get details of what events are being conducted when and plan their visits accordingly.