Burgerking is a large restaurant chain, spread across 72 countries. In 1954, it opened its first restaurant and today it has over 11,500 outlets. Their offerings as a leading restaurant are praise-worthy.This website, tells you the success story of Burger king and its forthcoming projects and happenings. It also gives you franchise information and you can take the franchisee of this dynamic global brand.

With lip-smacking recipes and dishes,all their restaurants have regular customers.Their unique menu offers Flame-Grilled Burgers,Chicken,Fish and Veggie,Limited Time Offers,Breakfast,Sides,Kids menu,Drinks,Desserts and Salads.All these sections cover variety of dishes to suit your individual tastes and preferences.At Burger king you get burgers of various sizes,each prepared with a difference. Here, you will come across the nutrition section, where you will understand more about the ingredients they use.

You can click on ‘Find a BK’ and then find burger kind near your neighbourhood.All you have to do is enter the postcode and the BK at the nearest locations will be displayed. With various offers and promotions, you can find attractive deals with them.It also provides discounts on your food and various other offers.This ever-expanding business, offers various job opportunities and you can be a part of this largest restaurant chain. Visit your nearest Burgerking today and taste the mouth watering burgers and other food stuff.