BT Total Broadband

BT total broadband provides internet service and is a part of the BT Group plc, the largest communications service provider in UK and Europe. It was launched in June 2006 with new broadband packages and the BT Home Hub. 

BT Total broadband provides up to 8MB download speeds via three plan options ranging from £8.95 to £18.99. They also include other great features like the BT Home Hub, which is a router that supports the entire range of BT’s services, Norton antivirus and firewall with free automatic updates; 2GB free and secure online storage and BT Openzone minutes to get connected at hotspots in and around the UK.

BT Fon is the world’s largest wi-fi community and its members get to access their broadband wirelessly anywhere in the world. BT broadband talk, Softphone and Videophone offer a range of services that allows users to make low cost calls through their broadband connection and uses Hi-definition sound technology. All broadband and related accessories are available at BT shop. The phone book includes three directories in one book and helps in locating products, services and local residential numbers.

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