British Gas

British Gas,UK's foremost energy and Home Services supplier is a British owned company. A part of Centrica Group, they provide electricity, gas and home maintenance services to millions inWales,ScotlandandEngland. Committed to offering best value energy and high-end services and professionalism in the country, British Gas has a capable management team prepared to meet all challenges.


Ethical in their outlook, British Gas has their ‘energy and carbon stratagem’. According to the plan they intend to tackle various problems regarding climate change and maintainability. British Gas not only supplies gas and electricity, but installs boilers, offer home care of gas items and install and repair central heating.


British gas is a leading provider of renewable energy methods inUK. Renewable energy is a purer and greener way of producing electricity and heat. Water (hydro), sun (solar), and wind power are natural resources of renewable energy. British gas has a range of options available in renewable energy which enables customers not only to save energy but to earn through saving. The Energy Experts at British Gas will show you how to choose the best method for your home. The expert team will lead you all the way from start to finish so that you will not have any troubles while you are at it. The wide array of after care options offered by them and the installers that are Government-approved makes the whole process easy and safe.


British Gas is the leader of smart meter revolution. Smart meters let you know and control the energy you consume and the money you spend. British Gas set up smart meters to your homes. They have plans to install 2 million smart meters by 2012.

Home insulation from British Gas locks in heat and keeps your home comfortable and warm. You will not require keeping your heating system on throughout, to keep away cold. The money you save in a year will definitely make a difference. Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are the two types of insulation. British Gas offers free insulation for specified time and they provide free insulation to people over 70 even if they are not British Gas customers.


British Gas is a part of Green Streets program and is investing in new energy projects. 14 projects will be given to 14 communities inBritainto see which community emerges as 'Britain's main inventive green community'. The topper will be rewarded with £100,000 prize, which they can spend on an environmental project locally. British Gas has dedicated energy efficiency and micro-generation procedures worth £2 million, as their part of Green Streets program.