Boots does not view health and beauty as two separate things. In fact UK’s topmost pharmacy-led beauty retailer combines the two elements to provide customers the best care.Committed to their patients and customers the company pushes its boundaries and discovers new solutions every day.Empowered by the spirit of invention and problem solving, the beauty and health group try to make a significant difference to the service of their customers.

The international group aims at making their customers not only look good but feel good too! 2500 stores are run by the efficient group from local pharmacies to big destination health care and beauty care stores. The excellent products along with the useful services and the care of experts offered to customers have increased the customer following of the group to a great extent.

Boots, a member of the internationally renowned Alliance Boots regards customer care to be of prime importance.Though their first choice is pharmacy and healthcare, many innovative products worth their cost is available at Boots.The efficient, talented and satisfied employees play a significant role in the success of the group.

Combining two of the UK based retail businesses,Alliance Pharmacy and Boots,the group focus on providing customers what they require at the right place and time. The destination shopping offered by the health and beauty stores of Boots has a variety of products. The flagship stores of Boots provide beauty halls along with high class cosmetics and the service of beauty consultants.The airport stores meet the requirements of customers who are on move. The dedicated teams of Boots in Feltham and Nottingham are ever ready to support the retail stores and customers.

Boots offers a great pharmacy experience to customers through their local pharmacies and flagship stores. Healthcare according to Boots does not stop at dispensing prescriptions. On the other hand Boots ensures top quality care for patients in their convenient location. This is achieved with their association with NHS.

Boots believes quality is more important than price.Yet, they verify thousands of prices in every week, so that they stay informed about the going-on trends in the market to stay competitive.The promotions offered year-through and Boots Advantage Card gives customers opportunity to win and save money.The new Essentials range of Boots is manufactured by the Boots group and is offered to customers in unbelievably low costs.

The range of cosmetic products from Boots like No7 skincare and cosmetics are at the topmost position in the UK market and are still growing.Boots Beauty Boutique is the online shop customers’ visit for excellent online shopping experience. It is ranked first among other online shops.The wide range of beauty products brings you everything you require to nurture your body from head to toe.The effortless and practical way of incorporating Boots beauty products in to your day to day life has made the products irresistible to many. The makeup, bath and body items, skin care etc are unique and perfect. Nail care includes quick dry nail polishes, long lasting nail polishes and nail treatments.Different types of facial skin care including cleansers, toners, moisturizer, sunless tanning products and organic products are manufactured by Boots. Shower and bath section includes Bath soaks, Cleaners, Exfoliations etc. Products suitable for extra dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, blemish prone skin etc helps customers who have different types of skin problems.Boots Anti-aging products are a hit all over the world. Various gels,creams,fluids,peels etc stands ready to refresh and nurture your skin.

The Boots exhibition charts their journey to show how they turned out to be the most dependable name on high street.Boots has become a house hold name by touching millions of people’s lives through their products and service.