Feel confident even during your period days with products from Bodyform. Let not your period ruin the days that ought to be fun, exciting and enjoyable. With comfortable towels, pads and liners you can make play, work and party without any worries and tensions. aims at offering different types of high quality napkins and liners that will cater to the varying needs of women.


Every product is a result of extensive research and study in respective areas. Excellent fit, comfort and quality are the three factors given conscious attention to and the products are designed and developed bearing these things in mind. At this website, you can find all the bodyform products, their features and how they work. Bodyform products are displayed at the product showroom section. To know more about their products you can order the samples and try them yourselves.


With expert guidance and advices you can clear all your doubts and queries. An exclusive ‘product FAQ’ section gives answers to commonly asked questions like How often should I change my towel?, How do I use a towel?, Why should I use panty liners and when?, Do thicker towels absorb more fluid?.


Guidance to parents, teachers, mums and dads are provided at this website. Extensive study on subjects like sanitary protection, Pregnancy/Contraceptives, menstruation, puberty for both boys and girls are covered at the ‘For schools and parents’ section. This website has made sure to incorporate a section where, concerns and problems about periods are discussed under category ‘All about periods’ and sub categories, ‘Period myths’, ‘My period calendar’ and ‘My 1st Period’. With My period calendar you can manage the periods and keep count of the period. It also notifies you with PMS, ovulation and your period. not only offers information but bodyform products like towels, liners and napkins for sale. Each Bodyform product differs is shape, size and lengths to meet the needs of the customers. Freshness Everyday So Slim, Extra Dry Normal Natural, Extra Dry Normal, Deo-Fresh Ultra Normal non-winged, Ultra Normal with Wings are some of the popular products from Bodyform.


Different types of bodyform products can be used depending on your individual clothing, type of periods and activity. Special instruction in how to use the towels and liners are provided. You can browse across the information and choose a product that suits your need. Learn more about the offerings of this online store by visiting