If you have a craze for windsurfing or have plans to learn the sport the first thing that you would probably have to do is to get the right equipment. There are many stores both online and offline that offer you a variety of windsurfing equipment and one of the more well known ones online is the website that gives you a wide range of equipment accessories to make your choice from. Their registered office is inCannockwhere they also have a physical store. Started in 1976 they have grown to become a favourite shopping stop for windsurfers.


Their store stock not just new items like windsurfing boards, masts, booms, beginner kits, etc, they also sell used boards masts and the whole works. There is no equipment that they do not have on sale that there is no equipment that they cannot repair. They have a well equipped repair store where they do any sort of repair to board, mast and other windsurfing accessories.


Other than selling both new and used items they are also offer windsurfing lesson that you can book for and they hire windsurfing kits at fifteen pounds an hour. In addition to selling equipment also sell wet and dry suits for men, women and kids. They also have on sale boots, shoes, gloves and hoods, dinghy sailing long johns, buoyancy aids men’s and ladies’ impact vest,  rigging jacket and many more. All orders over thirty pounds are delivered free of cost. Their Wetsuit Warehouse has wetsuits at and other surf wear at reduced rates. The store also has an exchange policy wherein they also take in any of your used items in exchange for other items that you may require, be they old or new. This means that they are ready to exchange any kit of yours for anything you may want.


The store also stocks equipment for snorkelling, kayaking, skateboarding, and offer excellent gifts that can be presented to people who have a penchant for any sort of water sport. They often have mega deals that offer great discounts so if you would like to be in the know of things be sure that you sign up for their news letter so that you don’t miss any of their great deals.