Blue Chip Vacations

Blue Chip Holidays came in to being in 2000. They kicked started their venture as providers of self-catering holiday accommodation with emphasis on luxury. Their work canvas extended to regions of English Riviera inSouth Devon. Today, the company has more than 750 properties all overCornwall,Somerset, Devon, Dorset,WalesandIsle of Wight.


Blue Chip Holidays own traditional as well as luxury cottages and town houses. They have some of the most beautiful converted Victorian villas to trendy apartments. The main traits of Blue Chip properties include luxury fittings, en-suite bathrooms, sea views, green countryside views and marvellous locations. Most of their properties enjoy 4 star or 5 star ratings from Visit Britain. They are the official rating firm of theUKlodging. The unique and worthy service and marketing of Blue Chip Holidays have brought forth prestigious awards to them.


Blue chip holidays pride in the customer care they provide to their valued customers. The staff employed in the department of booking is particular they visit each property on a regular basis. This routine makes them well versed in every aspect regarding the property and enables them to answer and clear all doubts of customers. The able staffs help customers to select the appropriate property to make their holidays memorable. The caring nature of the family run company calls back customers again and again to them.

There are many queries which customers ask before they make bookings. If you are booking for duration of 6 weeks or longer before the due date of booking, 33% of the rent and booking fee had to be paid. The booking fee will not be returned.


Blue chip holidays do not allow group bookings in most cases. A group of more than four members under 25 and belonging to the same sex is not allowed to book with them. However, a group can book if they have family members belonging to different generations. Blue chip holidays do have some properties that agree to group or young bookings. They are checked and done on a one by one basis. The deposit you have to pay also will be more.


In case you want to cancel a booking; you might get a refund, provided the reasons are valid. Serious illness, death of a close relative or redundancy comes under urgent situations.