Is there anyone who would not like to see the latest movies or play video games or even have some means of being entertained at home during their free time?  If you have a craving for movies, games and home entertainment then Blockbuster is the place for you. The first Blockbuster store was open to public in the March of 1989 inWalworth RoadinLondonthough their registered offices are inEnglandandWales. Their main aim was to be the best place where people could rent movies, home entertainment and games both in their physical store and online. With this in mind they launched their DVD rental system on the Internet and today they have grown beyond compare with clients being able to access all DVD and Blu-ray discs that you can think of in theUK.


Their online store also offers their clientele such a fantastic variety of choice from classics, foreign films, music DVDs, the latest interactive games DVDs, TV serials, etc. Their online store was launched in 1996 and has a variety of DVD rental schemes starting from 4.99 pounds for 5 discs at one time. They are believed to have the fastest turn around time than most of the other rental services in theUK.


Today BlockbusterUKdoes not restrict itself to just rental store they also sell movies, games, confectionery and drinks. Once you sign up as a member of their store they have a facility called Trade-In where members can trade-in movies or games for money or credit on their account. They are one place where you can be assured to find what movie or game you would like and the best part is that you can even get to renting some of those old time classics that you may have missed out on.


Their online store providers the opportunity of watching movie trailers so that you can decide whether you wish to take the DVD. In 2006 they also launched their online magazine section that they called Extras that covered interviews of stars, celebrity picks etc. In their online store you can search for movies by stars, directors, most popular and so on making things easier for you.


Signing up for their news letter will give you information about latest collections and arrivals. DVDs taken on rent can be kept for as long as you want and then sent back to them. As and when they receive the DVDs back they send you more as per the list you have chosen.

If you have not yet visited before, it’s high time you did. What are you waiting for?