Blackwell Books

Books are one of the most important treasures that will help you to go forward in life and if you are a voracious reader, you can consider yourself blessed.Readingis a hobby pursued by millions of people all over the world and is considered to be the best companion for a man. A person who loves reading will stop at any bookshop to have a look at the new arrivals and browse through them. There are a number of renowned bookshops inEnglandwhere you can purchase any kind of book you are looking for and one such stop is the Blackwell’s in theUK.


Blackwell’s history goes back to 1879 when Benjamin Henry Blackwell opened his first bookshop that was just twelve feet square at the beginning in theUK. With a flair for selling books and an experienced eye for business, this great man was able to expand his empire within a very short time span. He also began to undertake printing and publishing. Books published by this concern began to be seen in every English household and even British Institutions and libraries. By the 1960s, the concern became internationally recognized as one of the best book stores in the world. It still continues to widen its horizon and is now the leading academic bookseller in theUKwith more than 60 branches spread acrossScotland,EnglandandWales. Name any book relating to any subject under the sun and you are sure to find it here.


It was in 1995 that they launched their online book store popularly known as BOB. It has now become one of the top sites that deal in sale of books. They have also expanded their sale into new products like classical music, world cinema DVDs and also some of their branded items that include a variety of stationery, bags and mugs. The greatest plus point of this exclusive online book store lies in the fact that apart from offering an unlimited range of books for you to choose from, they also provide you with extra details to browse about the specific subject and help you choose the apt book .


They also provide search function and their competent customer service team will help you to discover what you are exactly searching for regardless of how difficult it may be to find out. They offer their books at reasonable rates and whenever you buy three books, the cheapest among them will be given to you free of cost. You can also avail of different offers like “buy one get one free” for some books. You also have the option of returning a book within three weeks if you find that you are not satisfied with it and they will refund you money fully. Shipping is free anywhere in theUKfor all orders that total up to more than 20 pounds.


You can sign up for their newsletter which will keep you informed about all their latest books and the various discounts and offers that they provided frequently. They also have a Blackwell Rewards Scheme in which you get points for the amount you spend in this store. You get a free 10 points for just joining this scheme. Every hundred points will earn you a 5 pound reward. This makes it all the more worthwhile shopping with these book giants. Make sure that you do visit their wonderful website if you have not done so till now and enjoy the excellent services Blackwell has to offer.