Black Country Living Museum

The open air museum in the West Midlands is one of the largest open air museums in the whole of the UK. They are proud to offer one of the best experiences available. This is a place where there is no age bar and hence people of all ages are welcome. The whole of Black Country Living Museum has been built for visitors to experience certain unusual things such as the tram ride or the mining area. Visitors can enjoy chips and fish that are specially made for their visitors. You can witness the making of sweets, bread, horse brasses and nails as well. You also get a chance to watch a silent film of 1920s in Limelight cinema. They have a dedicated customer support to keep their visitors well informed.


You can learn to make decorations and toys out of materials that lie unnoticed in and around your house. They allow school and group visits but only on fixing an appointment or by pre-booking. Numerous events are conducted throughout the year and hence all visitors are advised to book for the event in advance. Interested persons can sign up for their newsletter to get latest news on offers and promotions.