Bite Card

If you are a person who is always on the move and travel mostly by rail, you may feel like having a snack one time or other. There are so many eating outlets at the different railway station that entice you with lip smacking food. However, their exorbitant rates may make you think twice about spending a large amount for a snack or a whole meal. This is where the Bite Card becomes a real boon. This card provides you with a twenty percent discount at all the food and beverages stalls spread out across all the railway station in theUK.


You just need to visit the Bite Discount Card website that has numerous web pages that come under this card. Availing a Bite card is a very simple procedure. It requires you to register your name on their site and the whole process is absolutely free. You have to just have to fill in your personal information that include your e-mail ID, name, office or home address and telephone number and very soon the card will be sent to you. If you want, you will also get frequent posts informing you about the fabulous offers and discounts that you can make use of in the various branded outlets located at the different railway stations when you travel.


This discount card can be availed in all the reputed station outlets including Millie’s Cookies, Pumpkin, Bar, Sloe, Upper Crust, Burger King, Camden Food Co, Delice de France and The Pastry shop that sell mouth watering pastries to name a few of them.  This card comes in extremely useful even in the bars and pubs at railway stations.


You can rest assured that this concern is extremely safe and will protect all your private information securely. You do not have to worry about your personal details being put to any kind of misuse. If at all you feel like you want to discontinue the use of this card and want to stop them from contacting you in any way, you just need to press the unsubscribe option that will put a stop to every contact with them immediately.


Make sure that you visit this site immediately if you would like to know more about them.