Most of the birds found in Birdworld are part of the international breeding programme so as to protect them for survival. This is the best place for everyone including visitors, school groups and photographers to spend their time fruitfully. Magnificent backdrop of the forest brings visitors close to nature and its surroundings. You can experience changes that happen during every season and begin enjoying your time with delight. At Jenny Wren Farm, visitors get an opportunity to get close to animals kept there. Here, animals are left to roam freely along with the visitors. Animals such as ponies, goats, pigs and even chicken can be seen. Pet animals such as rabbits, mice and guinea pigs can be seen at Jenny Wren Farm.

At the underwater world you can watch and enjoy fresh water habitats which include watching different kinds of fishes and trees as well. You can also enjoy watching at the crocodilian swamp, turtles and coral reefs as well. Birdworld conducts special events largely for its visitors. Those looking for latest news at Birdworld are advised to subscribe for their