Big Yellow

On the homepage you get the important categories displayed prominently. A visitor can click and find out more on 'Home Storage', 'Business Storage' and 'Student Storage'. On each category you can find the nearest Big Yellow storage centre and also get an online quote or even reserve your space. Big Yellow Business Storage has further options like Storage, Warehouse, Industrial Units, Multi-storage, e-Bay Storage, Offices, Archiving and Lockups. Student Storage gives offers like 50% off for up to 8 weeks, and also a quote online can be obtained. There's also a telephone number 0800 783 4949, to contact for more details.

There are many more details provided on the front-page of the site. Storage rooms are from 10sq.ft. to 400 sq.ft. Even Warehouse Space and Industrial Units can be rented. Security of the stores and customers' possession is given highest priority. On the top of the page is a menu-bar with categories such as, 'Home Business Storage', 'Wine Storage', 'Self Storage Blog', 'Eco', 'Check-in Online', 'Privacy & Cookies', 'Contact Us' and 'Charities'. You can read the 'Self Storage Blog'. You can join their Facebook Community. At the bottom of the front-page you get more details under 'About Big Yellow', 'Site Help and Support' and 'Opportunities'. For instance, under 'About' you can read 'About Us', 'Property', 'Partners', 'New Stores', 'Business Storage', 'Flexi Offices', 'Armadillo Stores', 'CSR' and others. There's also a section on the page - “Most Popular Quick Links', where you get to read on 'Benefits of self-storage', 'Pallet Storage', 'Bulk Storage', 'Commercial Storage' and many more. There's even a video inset which is a handy video guide.