Betfair, the biggest betting community has revolutionized industries on betting as a whole. Betfair is committed towards protecting value and innovation; they shoulder a lot of responsibilities to do away with the harms and risks associated with gambling. They make gambling an experience which provides pleasure with minimum risks.


The Betfair Group, under a Board of efficient members who are experienced and has the expertise needed in the field has invented Betfair's Responsible Gambling Policy, which has been unheard of till then. The policy is dedicated to promoting responsible wagering and creating awareness among gamblers about problem gambling. They try to prevent, intervene and treat gamblers who cannot gamble in a healthy way. The policy of Betfair lessens the negatives of problem gambling and promotes responsible gambling ways. Betfair strongly believes players who gamble on their site should be fully aware of the many harms caused by problem gambling. To assist the players to gamble responsibly, the staffs of Betfair have undergone special training.


The features and details provided at Betfair site include Customer driven deposit and loss limits, Self-exclusion tools, Links to GamCare and other help organizations, Information and tools to protect underage access, Game Session Timers and Self help and awareness information.


Financial limits set by Betfair allow a player to set Deposit Limits for a day, week or month. Provision to amend limits also is available. Loss Limits are provided on Betfair’s Arcade & Quick Play and in Poker products. Settings can be done at My Arcade Account section provided by the site. Transfer Limits functionality provided for Betfair Casino products and for Exchange Games permit players to balance funds they transfer to the products.


Session Timers of Betfair, remind you the time you have been playing for. It will be shown on screen every sixty minutes. The functionality gives you the option to quit the game or go on with it when you place your bet. Self-exclusion feature of Betfair aids players who feel they should stay away from gambling for a while. The self-exclusion policy makes your account to stay closed for a time of six months. You can reactivate the account only after the elapse of the set time, that too after submitting an application.


It is also possible for players to restrict their access to certain Betfair products. Betfair Arcade and Quick Play, Betfair Casino, Betfair Exchange Games, Betfair Poker etc come under this category. If players have difficulty in maintaining control when they gamble, Betfair offers some guidelines for them to follow. Gambling has to be done in a moderate way as a kind of leisure. It is not a way to earn money. Chasing losses has to be avoided so that you do not go off-balance. Gambling should be done only if you are sure you can meet the losses. The time and money spent should be monitored and care should be taken not to over spend. The deposit and loss limits methods can assist you to control your spending.


Betfair strictly prohibits gambling of under-18 on their site. They check, verify and perform random check to find out the age of the players. Moreover, the filtering system of Betfair permits parents to control child access to internet.