Bella Italia

There are plenty of people who have a penchant for eating out at restaurants. There are many restaurants that offer exotic fare to tickle your pallet. One such place is the Bella Italia which is a bar, café and restaurant all combined into one. A part of the Tragus, one ofEngland’s largest chains of casual dining restaurants, other restaurants include the Café Rouge, and Strada. Tragus is one of the most renowned causal dining groups of theUKthat has more than 7300 people under them and around 285 restaurants run by them.


The first Bella Italia was opened early in the 1990s with focus on Italian fare. After the Tragus group took over, Bella Italia went through a thorough change and is now one of the most popular all-day Italian café. Today it boasts of 80 restaurants that also include three sites in Centre Parcs,LondonandCoventry. Their interiors have been renovated to make you feel extremely at ease while dining here.


Bella Italia is reputed for its pasta fare and very often you will find them having a variety of Italian food fests. Some of their pasta dishes like Penne Riccie Pollo Arrabbiata, Bucatini di Carbonara con Salsiccia etc are not only reasonably priced but extremely lip smacking too. It is no wonder that people keep coming back for more. In fact their chief Italian chef has even created some great recipes that customers can easily make at home.


The exciting thing about Bella Italia is that they have various promotions that that are offered at really affordable rates that are especially great for students and office goers alike. They even feature competitions like ‘design a pink dish’ on Facebook. Their website that has recently under a change for the better is one place through which you can book your table in any of their restaurants. In fact you even have the convenience of ordering your menu so that it will all be nice and ready by the time you get there. If you would like to get details of their new dishes the best thing you can do is to sign up for their newsletter.