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The British Broadcasting Company was created in October 1922 by some of the leading wireless makers including the radio pioneer, Marconi. The first broadcast happened on November 14 and by 1925 the network spread across most of UK. It is a public service and the leading broadcasting company in the world with a grand purpose to inform, entertain and educate.


The BBC is managed by the BBC trust that sets strategies for the BBC. It also makes sure that the BBC is sovereign, creative and resourceful. The BBC is funded by the license fee paid by UK homes. The service broadcasts via radio, TV, internet in 33 languages. BBC Worldwide is a division that runs businesses like publishing books and magazines, selling programmes, DVDs and other commodities and the profits are used as investment in new programs and services of the BBC. Daily operations are directed by an executive board presided over by Director-General, Mark Thompson. Save more on their frequent offers, free tickets for their shows, free magazine subscriptions and more.


BBC online has many features like learning English, related sites, and A-Z index plus a search box and country profile. Specific video and audio formats are available. News ticker, desktop alerts and newsletters keep you updated. News and information from the BBC can be obtained on your mobile, PDA or ipod too. The BBC has 12 international commercial TV channels, the proceeds of which is used to fund BBC public services. There are four channels exclusive to the UK. The BBC online is available in two versions - UK and International. The site also supports accessibility for disabled audience.