BBC shop

There are many people who are very particular about what they read, and what they view and have very specific preferences regarding their choice of media. Well there are people who are hard core BBC fans too. For such people there is a store called the that caters to their every need. Situated in Sittingbourne, inKentthe BBC shop is a multi-channel retail store that sells thousands of products that include books, videos, audio books, DVDs, toys and many more. It is a division of BBC worldwide Limited working under license by BBCW. The great thing about this store is that they possess the complete range of BBC Worldwide products published by them and also some BBC related products that have been brought out by others too.


The BBC Shop also has an online store called the where you can avail of everything that you find in their physical store. They have a fantastic range of DVDs, videos and audios for people of all ages. They also stock various the well heard of Doctor Who Series, the latest BBC documentaries, Blu Ray, gifts like Mascot soft toys, chill and fill bags, cycle bottles, lunch boxes, Mascot lenticular Tumblers etc. People who generally visit the simply go berserk at the fantastic range of their products, because they are truly mind boggling.


You can sign up for their email and receive news of their newest BBC releases, latest offers, discount sales and the like. All orders are delivered to your doorstep within a matter of one working day. As the have advanced Internet security systems and is protected by the Geo Trust Certificate all personal and private data that include your debit and credit card numbers will be safeguarded. However customers are advised not to send credit and debit card details via normal email. They should be entered only through their online shop.