AX Paris

The online store of AX Paris is a friendly website, with galleries of photos under various categories of clothing, to help you choose your favourite clothes or garments that also meets latest trends and fashion statements. The front-page highlights graphically the latest offerings and the season's collection being introduced. Ordering online is a simple and secure process here with convenient payment options. The main menu at the top shows the main categories, such as, 'Dresses', Clothing', 'Accessories', 'Footwear', 'New In', 'Sale', 'Celebs & Trends', 'Collections', 'Curve', 'Sale' and 'Blog'. Under 'Curve' you get to select from the Dress, or Top or Sale Sizes- from 16 to 26. The 'Blog' also gives you trending tips, interesting reading and great pictures. 'New In' will help you choose the latest dresses. Under 'Footwear', you get to choose from Heels, Wedges, Boots, Flats and Sale. If you are celebrity conscious, then click on Celebs & Trends. You can sign-up and create your account to help you enjoy shopping online here at AX Paris. You can follow AX Paris on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, GooglePlus, Instagram and Fashiolista. Mix and match your own blend of style at AX Paris.