Auto Trader

Under the ownership of Guardian Media Group, is aUKbased marketplace for motorists with traffic of almost 10 million users every month and it also supports a circulation of circa 89,000 per week all over theUKandIreland.


The subsidiary companies are also operating in Ireland, South Africa and Italy. Major part of the company’s business includes its branded website and magazines.


Operating since 1976, the website is the premium marketplace for trading in used cars. The website provides the user with the convenience to fix the budget and find the best deal in used cars in your area.


Auto Trader also offer features such as vehicle check as well as the safe and security centre, thus confirming that that the users experience at the website remains safe, secure and convenient.


The site also gives out articles and information as to how to go about purchasing used cars, new cars, how to pay for it?, comparison between the used and new cars, how to select the suitable car and so on. You can as well locate the new cars and compare them on the site. You can also easily find all the dealers in the region and decide on the best deal.


The buyer also can browse through the featured expert and user reviews on the site, prior to purchasing the vehicle. Coloured pictures with the reviews and details posted on the gallery section will help to attract more users to the site.


Search tool found on the website, lets you to select the car based on the criteria that you enter in it. You can also get a brochure or book for a test drive with the help of this site. You can also ask for the cost of the vehicle from the manufacturers.


You can also place an ad on the site, if you wish to sell your car. You need to feed in the registration number of the car and choose the option between the given private seller and a trade seller.


Tele safe feature available on the site ensures that your entered mobile number remains protected.  You can also choose the approved used cars, which are almost as good as new and comes at good price.


The website offers the option to select from the featured 400 car insurance rates, thus confirming on the best deal or you could as well go for insurance directly with auto trader in order to get more deals.


Step-by-step guide is provided at each section on how to go about doing it, such as buy a used car or a new car as well as how to avail the insurance and such. You can also check up on the details and history of a car, by entering the registration number in the given space, online.


Other features that you can browse includes credit check at no cost, availing of guarantee for the car, analyse the car with half-MOT test, getting personalised plates, comparing the available car loans and finances, valuing the car as well as checking the cars.


Honda civic, Volkswagen golf, Focus estate, Mazda MX-5 are some of the cars, on which you can find the reviews online. Reviews have also been categorised into sections such as the small premium cars, hatchbacks or 4x4s and more.


You can now sell or purchase new or used cars, without any hassle with the help of this colourful and easy to use website.