Auld Reekie Tours

Auld Reekie Tours allows reservation for the shows to be made on the website or over the phone. Tours start from the Tron Kirk on the High Street and hence guests are requested to arrive at the spot atleast 5 minutes before the tour is scheduled to start. Payments must be made at the ticket counter through cash or credit card. Young children are not encouraged to attend the tour as most of the vaults are dark and scary. An adult must accompany children aged upto 15 years. Guests might be denied from taking photographs if other guests are sensitive to it although permission to take photographs is granted. The tours are arranged in a historic manner and hence they do not possess ramps or lifts. However, vault guests can use winding stairs to climb up. The vaults are still in their original state since 1700s and hence might be damp sometimes. However, the temperature inside the vaults is warm. Guests are asked to wear sensible footwear while visiting the vaults. Pets are not allowed inside the vaults.