Audible UK

Logging on to the Audible UK website, you can find the front-page will be offering first-time visitors a free download of an Audiobook. The prospective member can choose from over 60,000 titles and download one of it. It is as simple as it can get to start a free trial. Just register, choose a book., download it and enjoy listening to it. The site also highlights up front some of the titles currently being heard by members of Audible. The prospective member will not be charged for a trial of the '1 book monthly membership'. After 30 days, even if the person decides to cancel, he or she can keep the download. If the account is renewed by paying the subscription online, she will receive 1 credit per month to use on a title of their choice, in this deal. Cancellation can be done any-time. On the site you can learn more by going on to the menu, and you click on 'Contact Us', 'Help', 'About Audible', 'Software', 'Affiliates', 'Device Centre', 'Redeem code', 'Audible Mobile' and more.


On the Device Centre you can learn about most devices that can play your download. Select anyway, by type, product and brand. The site also highlights “Best Sellers” of the online store. To select your download, you have a list of categories to pick from, that includes Classics, Children, Comedy, Fiction, Film, Radio & TV, Health & Personal and many many more. Under each category you have further classification to help you select the right listening material or a favourite choice. Audible Mobile gives you files compatible to iPhone or iPod, Android and Windows Phone. So if you have the inclination to listen, your choice of audiobook is waiting here at Audible.