ASDA Money Travel Insurance Single

On the website of Asda-Money you'll find Asda Single Trip Travel Insurance explained in detail with all relevant information and comparisons also mentioned. The list of eventualities covered include cancellation and delays, injury and illness, loss or theft of baggage, holiday money and personal belongings. It can also cover liability for you in case you injure a person or damage property. It can cover emergency repatriation. The amount of cover also can vary to suit the need. Asda offers kids and grandchildren free cover. Taking travel insurance is not compulsory, but it can protect travellers against eventualities that may arise. The right policy depends on several factors. You can always get a quote to find out ASDA value. The website has Guides and lots of information on travel. So you can plan better and even decide in the last minute. Get guidance on deals on foreign currencies and on your holiday money. You can choose from 3 levels- Value, Standard and Superior. There is cover for those up to 80 years old. There's a 24-hour emergency Helpline (with English-speaking assistance). It's ideal for last minute getaways. Policy details can be sent by text rather than by post. ASDA is independently awarded 5 Stars out of 5 for Superior Cover. You can arrange your cover with your smartphone while on the go.