AOL Broadband

AOL is one of the top rated internet service providers in the UK offering multiple connectivity options at affordable prices. AOL broadband gives you faster access to the internet and loads pages in fraction of seconds. Their packages vary suiting every requirement from home to business users. You can enjoy the benefits of AOL broadband to the maximum, if you have a BT phone line. Accessing AOL depends on the local availability, line survey and capacity levels.


AOL broadband is reasonable with no hidden charges behind it. You just have to pay your monthly subscription fee and there are no connection fees and no cost for modem or router. AOL broadband services are very customer friendly that if you are not happy with them after ordering, you have all the rights to cancel your order within 7 days. There are many beneficial offers and broadband deals that are updated regularly online, so never forget to check it out.

ASDA Online Shop

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AOL Broadband Packages

AOL broadband packages offer real value for money. The AOL broadband wireless comes with a connection speed of up to 8Mbps from as low as £9.99, which is 160 times faster than dial up. AOL wireless plus offers speed of up to 8Mbps with a monthly cost of £19.99. In addition, AOL packages offers unlimited usage, this is useful for downloading music and movies.


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AOL Broadband Installation

Installing AOL broadband is easy and requires no skilled persons, you can do it yourself using in-the-box installation and router package that is sent to you. The step by step guide attached with the package guides you perfectly on installation.

AOL Broadband's Fair Use Policy

As an effort to prove their commitment, AOL has introduced fair use policy. With 34 million subscribers worldwide it�s not an easy task to balance their service to everyone. This is a form of network management to avoid abusing broadband usage and to ensure that everyone receives reliable and stable broadband connection.