American Express

American Express provides excellent credit cards services, insurance services, payment services to the customers worldwide. At website, the services and products offered in theUK markets are available. American express customers in theUK can benefit from this website largely. The members account details and American express services are provided in the website.


The company offers small business cards, personal cards and corporate cards. American express cards come with a number of benefits that will prove helpful to the customers. You can compare the personal cards and membership benefits of the personal cards to choose the right deal. Next to the ‘Cards’ section is the ‘Travel’ category where you will find services like Personal Travel, Business Travel, Travel Money, Foreign Exchange Solutions, Travel Services, Travel Insurance and similar services.


Apart from that, the company caters to Travel Insurance of the customers. They provide an insurance section where you will come across the various travel insurances, Home and Car and Personal insurances.


American express customers can know more about the points, offers and rewards at the rewards section. That’s not all the company provides business solutions to merchants, small businesses and corporate. Services are offered in the form of Merchant Home Manage Merchant Account, Payment Solutions, Global Business Travel Solutions, Meetings & Events Foreign Exchange Solutions. This website is sure to attract business people and tourists.