Alienware UK

The Alienware website is exclusively designed and predominantly dark in colour, to match with the colour themes of their products. They concentrate on high-power gaming capability and machines equipped with the most powerful graphics cards. The site has the main categories of 'Support' and 'Follow Alienware'. The other main categories are Gaming Laptops, Gaming Desktops, Alienware Arena and Gearshop. You can also choose the country you prefer through the website to view the deals. Under Gaming Laptops are featured models like Alienware M14x. M17x and M18x. Under Gaming Desktops are featured models like Alienware X5 and Alienware Aurora. You can explore further the model you like by clicking through and reading all details and specifications to know more. You can also read reviews direct from Dell customers. Under Alienware Arena you can read on 'Featured', 'Giveaways', 'Competition', 'Other' and 'All'. At the lower end of the page there are categories to explore, such as, Dell, Netbooks, Desktop PC, Dell Laptop Deals, Gaming Laptops,All-in-one PC, All-in-one printers, Windows Phone 7, Dell Inspiron, Server, Ultrabook and Dell Monitor. You can follow them on Facebook too. The website also can be used to make your order by selecting and adding to your shopping basket. You can read about the terms and conditions and about delivery policy too.