Air Southwest

Today, getting to places is not as difficult as in the days gone by. Technology has changed so drastically that all modes of transport are faster and more fuel efficient these days. You have travel by road, by air and by sea and all of them are much faster now. To travel across the oceans where you cannot go by road or train, the present day air services have made things so much easier with a variety of airline companies at your service today. One such service is the Air South West Ltd. which functions Air Southwest Airlines.


This is a British airline that has its headquarters inPlymouth, Devon inEnglandand operates regional passenger services from the south western part ofEngland, operating from its base atPlymouthCitywith hubs atBristolInternationalAirportand Newquay Cornwall airport. Started as Placedean Technology Limited in 2003, the name was changed to Air southwest in the June of the same year.


The good thing about Air Southwest is that they offer excellent information that is absolutely necessary when you have to take an informed decision. They operate flights to Cork andDublin, inIrelandand toAberdeen,Bristol, Dundee, Guernsey,Glasgow, Jersey, Leeds,Manchesterand Newquay.


The carriers used at Air Southwest are highly fuel efficient turbo-prop aircrafts that are especially made for short flights. These aircrafts are said to use far less fuel (about 30% less) than a heavy four wheeled truck would consume. The main reason for smaller aircrafts is to ensure full flights as against having a bigger aircraft and having it only half full. In addition the Air Southwest carriers fly at far lower altitudes thereby lowering the effect of injurious emissions. This they claim is because they have more care for the environment and try not to be responsible for environmental deterioration.


The airlines offer excellent on-flight services and all their flights are reasonably priced. Their advice to probable passenger is that the earlier they book on the Air Southwest flight the better will be the prices. The airlines have no hidden costs and prices are inclusive of taxes.


Their aircrafts boast of plush leather seats that offer plenty of legroom which is a must especially for those tall passengers. Their warm, courteous and friendly services to the customers are an added attraction. Most customers who have flown the airlines have only great things to say about it.