Air France

Log onto and you can book the flight ticket, manage the reservations as well as check in online. AirFranceoperates regular flights to several areas all over the continent, including 25 cities in metropolitanFrance. Air France also has affiliations with airlines companies such as Sky Team to travel all over the globe and Air France By to fly to Europe and France.


This is the one stop website for the travellers for all their needs. Travelling has never been easier than with the help of this site. It gives you the option to even select the seat that you prefer, online with the help of the available cabin map.


You can also avail of the real time flight information at the site. It also lets you to calculate the miles that you have earned so far, to how much is in actuality required to upgrade your member status.


You can also find good deals in the ticket in here. Air France offer to the user the opportunity to either take on extra baggage or even you can get more space in the cabin with the option seat plus, which can be purchased on the site. 


The user can as well add on to their trip by renting a car, or booking the hotel and sightseeing trip at your destination. You can also get the airport parking, if required as well as get the travel insurance, at this site.


It will also help you pack your hand and check in baggage with the correct information provided as to the allowed weight as well as prohibited items and so on. You can also get to know the rules for transferring animals on the flight.


In case of any delay or cancellation of flights, the traveller will be informed of the same, either via message, email or phone. The site deals and offers as well as other news can now be got via the social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and so on.


If required, you can get to know of the procedure to access the airport lounge, details of check-in, about AirFrancecoaches, other guide and such on the website You can also know of various entertainments offered on-board the various flights.


You can also know about flying blue clubs and advantages of joining it. The company also offers business solutions such as BlueBiz, offering blue credits as you fly. You will also get intimation as to the deadlines for the check-in, the flight time and boarding time, on to the address or mobile number you have provided while you reserve the ticket.


You can now travel all over the world, with the help of a single contact, which is this website, catering to the satisfaction of the traveller. You can also access the site on your mobile now. Just log on to the Air France Mobile Site.


The user friendly website with its easily accessible sections and by-sections makes it easy for the user to get online and make the necessary reservations or even check the required information.