Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research uses their website to get sponsors and donations direct online, which goes a long way to serve their cause of saving and changing the lives of children and babies. On the Homepage the menu has all the vital categories like 'About Us', 'Support Us', 'Our Research', 'Cycling', 'Events', 'Media' and 'We're 60'. Under each category there are divisions that can be further explored. For instance under 'Support Us', you get – Tribute Funds, Sponsor a friend, Donate, Company Support, Giving in your will, Making a major donation. Under this you also can read on Trusts and Foundations, Recycling, Create a sponsorship page, Give as you Live and Supporter Tools. Paddington Goes To Hospital is also interesting. Under the category 'We're 60', Action Medical Research (AMR) celebrates its 60th year in involvement. So under this head here you get interesting topics, such as,'60 years of success'. Read also 'in just 60 seconds'. Find out how to 'donate £60 a year' or 'donate £60 today'.The site has a search facility and you can 'sponsor a friend' or 'Donate' online. You can also sign-up for their newsletter and follow them on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. AMR in association with Give As You Live has made it easy to raise money for the charity, at no extra cost for people and comes with a sleek interface too. So when anyone shops online this Christmas, the small amounts form each purchase will add up to a worthy amount, when people download and use the free app on their personal computers. AMR celebrates its 60 years of supporting critical research and currently it is about meningitis, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, premature birth and some very rare conditions suffered by babies and children.