If you are looking for a user-friendly, high speed home management and account keeping software for your home or office, you can get online to offer the award winning application working best with Mac, Windows or Linux, also supporting complete cross platform compatibility. It helps you to create a VAT return, quiet easily, at one go.


Started in 1985 under the name of Apricote studios selling music and business software, the site celebrated its twenty fifth year in January 2010. Known as Accountz, at present, the software development and production company is established in Fenland,Cambridgeshire, in theUnited Kingdom.


For more detailed information you can see the company history section on the site. You also will know about how to go about budget planning and how it will have an impact on your future. You get to install the software from the site and try it for a month without any payment.


One advantage offered is that the software is quite simple to download and set up. Easy and secure accessibility is a benefit provided. The website comes out with a section for home accountz that features budgeting tool, letting the consumer to decide on his budget for the year ahead.  Video tutorials, user forums, reviews by consumers, newsletters and such are as well given on the site.


In the meantime, the business accountz is used by businesses to determine their profits and expenses. Business accountz software is of three kinds, the basic for normal book-keeping; the professional for managing the customers and billing and finally, theEnterprisefor controlling the purchase order and managing the suppliers.


Additional sections under this link include the real world case studies, testimonials, screen shots, optional extras, feature matrix, trial download and so on. Accountz Weekly Webinars is a section to be found on the site, where you can see live demonstration of this accounting software.  Shop section gives you the option to purchase the required version of the accounting software at a specified amount given.


The site also provides the option to liaise with them and get commission on any software that you may sell on your website. Contact details, direct email form and job opportunity are some other links to be found on the site.