University of Bristol hosting Museum of the Moon

March 19th, 2017 by Sandy

One of the University of Bristol’s most iconic buildings, the Will Memorial Building, will be hosting a celestial art experience for a week, with an installation called Museum of the Moon. It is by Luke Jerram, an artist based in Bristol. The installation set in the Great Hall of the building, runs from 19th to 26th March. It will accompany a range of University and public events, along with the installation of a new Chancellor, Sir Paul Nurse, on 22nd March.

Artist Luke’s installation is part of the Moon’s international tour, where it will be presented both indoors and outdoors, altered for different audiences around the world. The installation creates an ambience of moonlight , lunar imagery with surround sound.

The artwork will be open to public viewing on 25th March (Saturday), from10an to 8pm, and on 26th March (Sunday), from 10am to 5pm. On 19th March (Sunday) from 1pm to 4pm, a special Moon Tower Tour of Wills Memorial Building will be held to the public signing up. Additional tours will be on 25th and 26th March. The tours will cost £5.00.

There is free entry to view the Moon in the Great Hall. More details available on the website of Museum of the Moon ( You can also follow on social media (#MuseumOfTheMoon hashtag). Sign-up for a chosen day for the tour, at the reception area of the Wills Memorial Building.