Kingston first London council to launch 24×7 free WiFi

December 15th, 2017 by Sandy

Kingston has announced the deployment of free Wi-Fi 24×7 for public access. It becomes the first council in London to launch a free public Wi-Fi service, which is already live in New Maiden High Street and Kingston’s Ancient Market Place. Following an agreement between the council and Arqiva, the telecommunications provider, work was started to improve connectivity in the town centre. The free network named RBK Free Public WiFi, after its roll-out in Kingston town centre, will be soon be available in Chessington, Tolworth and Surbiton. To access the free service, users need to register once and thereafter can use the service seamlessly on the go in the borough, while moving from one district centre to another.

Leader of Kingston Council Kevin Davis is delighted that they are leading London’s boroughs in the digital revolution, by being first to offer on 24×7 basis, a free WiFi service. He said this was a boost for visitors, residents and businesses, in a growing digital economy, ensuring that this connectivity will drive trade and communication. Enhanced connectivity over Kingston-upon-Thames, across all district centres, is a significant milestone to becoming a smart borough and ensures that as a whole they will benefit by easy engagement on the go, plus to get ready for 5G when it comes, he vindicated.