Harrogate scheme to give festival tickets to young people

January 30th, 2017 by Sandy

The ‘Library of Live’ programme is a ground-breaking initiative by Harrogate International Festivals, launched in 2017. The pilot programme will give free of charge opportunities to young people to experience and participate, throughout the year, in live arts performances. Young people and children get to engage in the scheme’s live arts delivery. With ‘Library of Live’ , younger audiences will engage in the Festivals’ literary events.

A partnership with schools of the region, get children attend at reduces costs live performances. In addition, the Festivals will work with youth and community groups, arts and educational organisations and with long standing partners. The youth music development charity – NYMAZ, will support music delivery across North Yorkshire. The scheme will offer digitally live conversations with authors and artists online, plus clips, interviews and downloads.

Those aged 8 to 18 can attend national and intentional performances for free. Those 18 to 35 years old get digital engagement and ticket offers. Under-18s get free tickets, subject to availability, for the classical Sunday Series at the Old Swan Hotel. More initiatives and events will be revealed later. If successful the pilot yea will develop into a 3-year project.