Golden chance for the people of Hartlepool to improve their health

March 10th, 2012 by Sandy

‘Burn Road Harriers’, the popular athletic club has organised six fitness sessions to enable the people of Hartlepool in the county of Durham to get fit without paying any charges.

The residents of all ages and conditions are expected to attend the session in large numbers on March 14, the day of its inauguration. They must attend the weekly session for the six subsequent weeks. David Kirk, a resident of West Park in Hartlepool, hoped that the people will make best use of this golden opportunity to ensure their fitness. The sessions will be split and the participants will be suitably segregated as per age, physical abilities etc. They have to exercise three days per week for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

The sessions will be held at West Hartlepool Rugby Club in Catcote road and will commence at 6-00pm on every Wednesday. There is no need of booking or registration.

The session will start with jog around rugby arena in Summerhill or around West Park based on the fitness of the individuals concerned.

Those who complete the sessions successfully will be lured to put their names for the 5-Mile road race, of 1st April, 2012, organised by the athletics club, at Hartlepool Marina.