Free workshop on cyber threat at University of Kent

March 16th, 2019 by Sandy

The cyber attack is the major threatening situation in the present world for businesses whether it is small or big.

There has been a free workshop organized on Thursday – March 28, 2019 at University of Kent, Giles Lane, Canterbury CT2 7NZ. The session will run from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm. The workshop helps the businesses to safeguard from cyber threats.

The workshop has been organized by the University of Kent along with the Cyber Readiness Institute. It provides a practical session to help the businesses in conveying about business culture, technology and behavior on how to safeguard themselves against online attack.

There will be experts’ talk sessions by Kiersten Todt – CRI’s Managing Director and Professor Shujun Li, University of Kent and Director of the Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security.

CRI is the provider of global security programme for business in Washington DC. The institute covers businesses such as Microsoft, Maersk, Acer, MasterCard and Exxon Mobil. All the businesses want to know whether their networks and supply chains are fully ready for any risk of future cyber threats which may affect the businesses and clients.

The event will start with refreshments and networking at the Gulbenkian Cafe and at 6.30 pm the workshop will run at Cornwallis Video Conference Studio SE109. As the places are limited, please book your place at