Free workshop about the spectacular Make A HOO theatre performance

October 20th, 2017 by Sandy

A free workshop will be held on 24th October in Irvine (Scotland), at Harbour Arts Centre, on shadow play and kaleidoscopic visuals made in the performance of ‘Make A HOO’. This performance combines compelling physicality with Kaleidoscopic visuals and shadow play, created by Sita Pieraccini, the famous physical theatre maker, now on tour in Scotland this autumn. The free workshop open to young persons aged above 12 years, ia for anyone interested in the wordless performance and shadow play.

The performance ‘Make A HOO’ is presented in a form of modern folklore, with a symphonic tweak, replete with live vocal imitations and unedited field recordings. Sita’s choreography has music scored in collaboration with musician David Pollock, incorporating field sounds recorded by Mark Vernon, the sound artist. The audience are taken into a surreal tour of the rural and urban environments of Sri Lanka, of the mythology, the customs, the sights and sounds ranging from Colombo town to the Horton plains. It is about a young woman’s life journey, striving to connect with her identity and her living world. Sound and physicality weave the story of a day and a night of the young woman’s life. Make A HOO will be performed on 27th October (Friday), at the Harbour Arts Centre. The 45-minute show suitable for those 12 years and above will start at 7:30pm.