Free Solar Generated electricity for Cambridgeshire District Council

April 17th, 2012 by Sandy

Free Solar ElectricitySolar generated electricity will power the UK council HQ for free. Developer funding worth £190,000 will enable the work to begin and Cambridgeshire District Council could receive solar electric supply. The developer funding is from a Cambourne’s new 950-home development and it would bring new power alternatives to the area.

To provide power supply, solar panels are installed on the roof of the South Cambridgeshire District Council’s headquarters. Funds produced from the excess energy and subsidies from the government will help establish other green projects in the village. Part of the funding will be used to install solar panels on sports centre, pavilion and community centre of Cambourne. Important centres of the community will not benefit from solar electricity. The initiative would facilitate in the creation of environmentally-friendly communities across the county. New green projects would be implemented in the villages very soon.

The contributions for the panel installment were made following a planning application for the new homes at the south Cambridgeshire’s village. District council will keep bidding to install panels on the roof. Government’s announcement to cut solar energy subsidies has forced them to drop their initial plans. This new initiative will bring solar generated electricity to Cambridgeshire District Council and could reduce the electricity expenses.