Free pirate themed events at Beaumount Shopping Centre

August 7th, 2018 by Sandy

For making kids to enjoy more this summer, in this full of August month Beaumount Shopping Centre has arranged for pirate themed events for FREE at their shopping centre located at 25 Beaumont Way, Leicester LE4 1DS, UK. The four weeks of fun filled activities began on 2nd August and continue on every Thursdays – August 9, August 16 and August 23. Every Thursday, the free events will take place from 11 am to 5 pm.

So bring your children here and they can find a magical world of giant clams and pirates ships. They can able to take part in various free activities which include bamboo island limbo and mermaid crown making etc.

August 2

Here in the first week of August, the pirate activities covered at the Beaumont Cove an opportunity to make their own sword or mermaid crown along with the stories from mermaid storyteller.

August 9

The Polly Parrot will tell the name of the role that the children choose, whether pirate or mermaid. Kids can take part in bamboo island limbo activity and they can get a chance to win golden coins. The children can make their own coin bank to keep the coins safe. You can find there the 3 performances of a pirate band and they will sing sea shanties galore on the entire day.

August 16

In the third week, the activity is X marks the spot. At this event, the Children can design their own treasure map and they can find their own treasure which are hidden using the map. For the big pirates, it will be enjoyable as they can find yummy delicious mocktails in the Tiki bar.

August 23

The last week of the fun will be a massive pirate party. At this event, the Children can design and make their own pirate hats where they can sing, dance for the tunes of sea shanty background. There will be games to participate and win chocolate coins. So in the entire month of August when going for shopping, you can find funny chariots and stilt walkers move around the centre.

Whoever is participating each day, they will be given with special prizes. Please collect your stamp every week and show the stamps at the last week of event.

For the very smaller pirates, there will be a sandpit at the pirate ship and also they can take part in treasure hunt. So find carefully at each shop where there will be 6 clues at different shops of the shopping centre, finish the trail sheet and win chocolate gold coins. You can collect trail sheet from the event staff and once completed hand over the same to them and win prize. For more details about free events, please visit