Free Event on solutions to reduce plastics usage to businesses in Weston

June 11th, 2018 by Sandy

The campaign “Cleaner Coastlines” were launched in 26th October 2017 by The Mercury, South Yorkshire’s popular weekly Newspaper publisher along with the support from Weston Chamber of Commerce and North Somerset Council with the motto of bringing plastic free coastal areas in Weston. The Cleaner Coastlines campaign was shortlisted for campaign of the year in competing with six other newspapers and it was highly commended.

Most of the plastics thrown into sea are use and throw types such as plastic sachets, straws, takeaway boxes etc and they are adding at the botton of the sea and floating over the sea which is the cause for dealth of sea creatures as they are swallowing these platics debris. The ultimate motive of this campaign is to cut down the usage of plastics, keep the beaches and coastlines clean and to get recognition as “Plastic Free Coastline” status from the Surfers Against Sewage. This campaign is already getting close to its target with the help of local community groups, schools and businesses.

A free event for businesses in Weston to get knowledge on solutions to plastic problems will be scheduled on June 28, 2018 at The Blakehay Theatre, 20 Wadham Street, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1JZ United Kingdom. This is an enjoyable cum educative event which starts with a live music at 7 pm in the bar with a free drink and ends on 9.30 pm. The netowrking event is being sponsored by the Weston Visitor Information Centre.

One of the VIC’s representative said that most of the businesses in Weston are already involved in the campaign for awards and VIC wants to prove that people are getting awareness on impact of plastics which will affect the tourism if the region is not clean. They are also ready to to support businesses in changing their buying choices.

The event will have talks by the following speakers.

  • Tourism Manager – Caroline Darlington will talk about Love Weston programme and how it helps to attract more tourists to Weston.
  • The founder of City to Sea – Michelle Cassar will tell about practical real examples to prevent usage of plastics by the businesses and become part of the making plastic free ocean & its environment.
  • Sarah Robinson – a Reporter of the Mercury & Debbie Apted from Chamber of Commerce will speak about Surfers Against Sewage and how to get recognition & certificate from SAS for plastic free coastlines.
  • Kim Evans, a representative from the Regency Purchasing Group will tell about group buying.
    Media Presenter – Becky Walsh will speak on using of stories to bring the attention of media for marketing.

Those interested in this free event, please register through