Free event on 90th Anniversary of Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre

March 11th, 2019 by Sandy

To mark 90th Anniversary of Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre, they have organised for a free event on Saturday – March 16, 2019 at the Grade II listed theatre and ballroom of the theatre at Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BU. The event will be held between 11 am to 5 pm.

The visitors can enjoy this free to attend community open day with various free workshops, activities, tours and performances. Please find below the schedule of programme.

There will be music performance by musician Cameron Lloyd in the main auditorium giving a wonderful opening performance with popular tunes and Disney hits.
There will be a performance, by the youngsters of various schools along with a popular community choir, of songs of 1920s to till date.
There will be a special preview performance by the students of the theatre who will peform on their forthcoming show of Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman.
The theatre Adult group with their marvellous theatrical performances will entertain the audience with ghostly accounts and bring historical stories of the 90 years history of the theatre.
The young budding performers will get an opportunity on the day where they can join in special workshop organised by them.
There will be a free ballroom dance class hosted by the Pavilion Dance South West on the day.
The visitors will be allowed to have a guided tours at the theatre and they can try out costumes and act on the stage.
There will be activities of treasure hunt and free face painting for the youngsters.
You can find the showcase of archieved materials such as show programmes and photographs in the coridors and vintage vehicles belong to 1920s & 1930s will be exhibited in the car park area.
As a wound up programme, you can enjoy screening of ‘Enchanting Bournemouth’ by a 1958 Bournemouth council production.

The visitors can enjoy the talents and history of 90 year old theatre. For more information about the free event, please visit