Free digital service helps SMEs to protect against cyber attacks

December 18th, 2017 by Sandy

The DigitalBoost programme of Business Gateway is helping businesses against cyber attacks and to improve cyber resilience, in an increasing digital world. Many companies and individuals assume cyber attacks will never happen to them. Most often headlines show big companies suffering major security breaches. In reality, everyone is vulnerable to cyber crime, even SMEs.

It is important for everybody in this digital age to protect themselves against a cyber attack, hackers and ensure cyber resilience, however small or big a business or individual. In many cases, cyber resilience is considered only after an attack. Therefore it is always good to have preventive measures placed properly. This is why the DigitalBoost programme is a good place to start with.

The service offers online tutorials for free and available 24×7. It offers tips and advice on everything from paid advertising online to cyber security, digital marketing and GDPR. The tutorial will teach how best to prevent and handle cyber criminal activity. Downloadable guides provide know-how and technology to improve business. The programme can assess digital readiness of your business. The Digital Health Check will take only some 10 minutes to finish checking.

The free programme also offers practical workshops across the country. A wide range of topics are covered, such as digital strategy, e-commerce and creating engaging content. It includes the workshop- Keep Your Business Safe Online. Experts can provide for free, up to 21 hours of 1:1, support. The support by the adviser is either online or face-to-face.

Chief Officer at Business Gateway National Unit, Hugh Lightbody, said they see businesses affected by cyber security breaches often. SMEs should have Cyber Security high on their to-do list and they have a special Amplify edition offering free advice and insight for business owners to help them defend against cyber threats online, he said. The free programme of DigitalBoost, delivered by Business Gateway, is funded by Digital Scotland.