Free Dental Health Workshop at Sainsbury

March 14th, 2019 by Sandy

There has been a free workshop on Dental Health to educate children, organized by Centre for Dentistry of Welwyn Garden City on Saturday – March 16, 2019 at the Second Floor, Centre for Dentistry Welwyn Garden City, Inside Sainsbury’s, 44 Church Road, AL8 6SA. The session will be held at 12 pm. All the parents and children of all ages are welcome to the session.

The free session will help the participants by way of explaining them on how to brush the teeth very effectively and what to expect when they are meeting a dentist. The participants can attend an interactive demonstration session on how much sugar that contains in our daily food and drinks and how regular consumption of such sugar is creating bad impact on our oral health.

As tooth are very important for all, it is important to know more about good practices of oral hygiene and to go for regular check-ups as tooth decay and extractions are the major rising issues now a days. The major cause of tooth decay is consuming sugary foods and not following oral hygiene and this can be preventable. So it is the responsibility of the parents to encourage their kids from their early age itself with good brushing habits, maintaining oral hygiene and creating awareness on foods that creates tooth problems.

Dentist Dr Davina Parmar from Centre for Dentistry at Welwyn Garden City said that reducing the consumption of sugar in the form of food and drinks is very important to avoid tooth decay. The foods which we love to eat like chocolates, sweets etc will have more sugar contents. Kids are encouraged to brush two times a day one at the morning and other one at the night before going bed for 2 minutes. They can avoid eating or drinking after their last brush in the night for better dental health and to avoid various dental problems.

If you want to take up for check-up for children at Centre for Dentistry, the application for check-ups & fluoride is free for kids under 11 years along with registered parent/guardian and £15 for children aged 11 years & above.

For more details, please visit and for updates, visit their facebook page. You can contact them on 01707 497002 or email to