First phobia workshop and free download to fight killer clown fear

October 30th, 2017 by Sandy

The killer clown craze is back, for a second year, meant to terrorise people in the country. However, for the 5 million Britons suffering from coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, this time there is help to overcome it. Specialists in phobia and anxiety workshops, Core Courage, are holding the first phobia workshop to address the issue of coulrophobia, ranging from mild anxiety to severe panic attacks.

The workshop will be launched in London on 5th November, to be hosted by Adam Cox with Britain Selley. The course has a reduced cost of £97. Alan Cox is the founder of Phobia Guru and a Harvey Street practicing hypnotherapist. Britain Stelley is the founder of Core Courage. Adam is encouraging sufferers of this phobia, in the spirit of Halloween, to turn the clown craze into a treat instead of fear.

Adam Cox has created a free download to offer instant help, to those affected, to cope with it. He is encouraging to fight fears the coulrophobes suffer from, as the next few weeks is when clowns would be in the mainstream. Most coulrophobes will just hope that they will not face a killer clown and that clown images will just go away this Halloween, he added.

The reason for giving a free download is because not everyone cam afford to work with a Harley Street hypnotherapist like him. Adam wanted to help as many as possible, to deal with their phobia. So he created the free download. To get a free download and more details on the workshop, please go to the Phobia Guru website –