Banbury theatre company offers free tasters for newcomers

March 17th, 2017 by Sandy

Banbury’s Cherwell Theatre Company is offering free taster sessions to newcomers, through their group’s ‘open door’ policy, without auditions. The theatre group is expanding to cater to the demand by young people wishing to get involved. The thriving company is running extra weekly classes at The Mill, for 12 to 16-year-olds on Wednesdays, during term time. The weekly classes at Banbury College’s Flipside Theatre, for 16-year-olds and above, are on Mondays.

Being planned for 18th and 19th March, is a 24-hour ‘Play-athon’, over Saturday and Sunday, at the Banbury Town Hall. Young people can join at 5pm on Saturday, to be with professional writers, directors and actors, to devise, script and rehearse for a 10-minute play to be performed the next day. To know more about the free taster sessions and details, go to the website-