Apple holding free events to teach coding to all across UK

October 9th, 2017 by Sandy

Apple, the giant American tech firm, has launched an initiative to teach the vital skill of computer coding to people of all ages in UK. The free events in the coming weeks will teach people how to write code, in hundreds of free sessions, at Apple stores, designed to help ordinary people, from 7th to 22nd October.

The events will include topics on getting started with coding and how to program robots using Swift Playground, a simple coding app. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, believes coding to be the language of the future,which everyone should get a chance to learn. He said they have built a range of free and innovative tools to make coding accessible and fun to everyone. He added that technology has a big impact on the lives and opportunities of communities.

Computer coding is a vital part of Computer science degrees, as it is the language that helps programmers to write software and build apps. Student with this degree of Oxford University were the best paid graduates within 6 months of leaving, in 2014.

Apple says it has paid nearly £14 billion to developers, since the launch of the App Store. To know more about the free sessions in coding in your locality, go to the websites- and The Apple EU Code Week will be holding at 100 Apple stores across Europe, a total of 6,000 events over the next year.