Aberdeen library is hosting a free creative writing workshop

October 2nd, 2017 by Sandy

Mastrick Library in Aberdeen is marking the milestone 60th anniversary by hosting a creative writing workshop ,by best-selling author Michael J. Malone. The free event is to be held at Central Library on 21st October (Saturday) running between 12:15pm and 3:45pm, as it offers more space than Mastrick. The workshop is suitable for pairing novelists of all levels of experience. Booking is required as the places available are limited. The author is known for writing A Suitable Lie and House of Spines.

Masterick Library will also be hosting an event by Alzheimer Scotland to raise awareness of dementia. To discuss what dementia is and how people affected can be helped, an information session is scheduled from 20:30am to 11am on 24th October. Those interested in the 90-minute free workshop for creative writing- Five Horsemen of Novel Writing: What, Who, Where, When and Why, can call on 1224-788 to book a place, or email to MastrickLibrary@aberdeencity.gov.uk.